A new book out today and this never gets old

It’s always a special day when a new story is released and I’m very excited that “A Very Country Christmas” is on shelves and etailers from today.

This one is special – one of the stories in the collection is the first Christmas story I’ve written. I love Christmas. It’s not just the presents, but it’s the gathering of family and special friends who’ve become family over the years. The President of my Fan Club (that’s my mum) sleeps over on Christmas Eve, which is when we do our big dinner and present giving. That’s a European tradition which we’ve stuck to. On Christmas Day, Mum and I watch “Dirty Dancing” – our little ritual because Christmas is never complete with Patrick Swayze dancing and Baby carrying that enormous watermelon.

In my story, “A Remarkable Bay Christmas”, my character Mara Blumberg has left her family behind for Christmas for some alone time. She’s about to make a big life decision and she needs the solitude and peace of Remarkable Bay to help her decide. She doesn’t count on being forced into eating Christmas Dinner with a cop, George Gray, but it turns out to be a blessing in disguise when she needs his help in the most unexpected of ways…

I hope you enjoy this story – and look out for the characters from the Miss Allens making guest appearances!