Cady’s Sweet Temptation

Cady's Sweet Temptation (Firefighters of Montana Series)

Firefighters of Montana Series

(Hope you’re not confused – outside of Australia, in the US, UK, Canada and everyone else, Cady’s Sweet Temptation is called Flame). 

Cady Adams has had a crush on Dex McCoy since high school, but her ambitions were always bigger than the small Montana town they grew up in. In the years after, Cady headed to California and Dex ended up drifting from one job to another all over the US.

But when the rug is pulled from under her feet, Cady comes home to establish her business, Cady’s Cakes. What she doesn’t know is a family tragedy has pulled Dex home, too, and he’s taken a new job as a smokejumper.

Will they finally give in to what’s been burning between them for so long? Is the timing right to find out the dreamer and the drifter are really perfect for each other?

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Here’s some background on “Cady’s Sweet Temptation”…

I’ve had such fun writing for the US-based Tule Publishing (if you’re read my Millionaire Malones series you’ll know why) so when they asked me if I wanted to be part of a series writing about Montana smokejumpers, I replied to that email so fast I almost melted my keyboard.

Here in Australia, we know all about our amazing and heroic firefighters, men and women, who fight our terrifying bushfires every summer.

But you might not know about US smokejumpers. These men and women are tasked with protecting the vast Rocky Mountains in the US north west. The difference is, THEY JUMP OUT OF PLANES before they fight the fires.

I did a lot of research while I was writing this one and I couldn’t believe the added difficulties they face in fighting fires in inaccessable country. They really are incredibly brave people.

So, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to have fun with a hot smokejumper called Dex and a woman who runs her own cake shop, Cady Adams.

Rest assured, even though this one is set in Montana, it has all the things I hope you love about my other books: great characters, witty dialogue, emotionally-charged situations and two people who really, really should be together.

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