Online Panel: Down the Rabbit Hole with History Trust of SA

Talking History is a series of monthly lectures hosted by The History Trust of South Australia. Each month you can hear about a different aspect of South Australia’s history. We have a range of speakers from various disciplines, from history and archaeology to architecture and community research.
Down the rabbit hole: History and fiction writing

Fiction writers often draw on real events and people to inspire their stories. Many writers undertake extensive historical research as part of their craft. A story about the past can be made to come alive with the small details that immerse us in a time before our own. Where does the history stop and the fiction begin? What is it about the past that makes it such a good setting for spinning new narratives?

Our panel of writers (Emma Ashmere, Victoria Purman and Pip Williams) will discuss the role of history in their own work, and share their thoughts more broadly on the relationship of history and fiction.