Writers Victoria

Writers Victoria Online Workshop: Navigating Narrative Time, Dual Timelines and Time Jumps

I’m looking forward to sharing what I know with writers in this workshop for Writers Victoria on November 14.

It can be creative and fun to play around with timelines in a novel.

But what are the challenges of playing with time or using more than one timeline in a novel? How does a writer balance overall narrative tension with tension in each time-line? How does a writer keep track of when events happen in a novel? I’ve written both dual time-line and historical fiction and will guide you through the process of keeping track of time and how to jump back and forth in it.

This six-hour workshop will take place online. Detailed instructions for participation will be provided.

You will learn to:

  • Manage a narrative time-line in a novel
  • Use the principle of “show, don’t tell” to differentiate your timelines
  • Use real events in history to create a framework for a novel
  • Use dramatic licence to enhance a plot
  • Manage multiple time-lines and balance the ebb and flow of narrative tension

Book here.